Event Title

International Fight Club 2018


January 7, 2018


The Watering Bowl in Denver, Colorado, United States of America, North America


  1. Cody Devine beat Capt. Stevens via pinfall (0:11:57)
  2. Elias beat Johnny Crash via submission (0:05:27)
  3. Jeremiah Scott beat Mondo Romero and Red Viper via pinfall in a Triple Threat Match when Scott pinned Viper (0:08:27)
  4. Filter beat Justin Andrews via pinfall (0:09:17)
  5. Adam Starling & Chuey Martinez beat Cowboy Hunter & Peter B. Beautiful (0:09:21)
  6. PRIMOS 303 Champion Arik Angel beat Caleb Crush and Cormac Battle via pinfall in a Triple Threat Match when Angel pinned Battle (0:07:07)
  7. Bruce Rogers & The Miracle That is Tony beat Officer Pain & Officer Punishment via pinfall when Rogers pinned Pain (0:10:47)
  8. PRIMOS Champion Lonnie Valdez beat Paulie B via pinfall (0:13:12)