Event Title

Primos Karnival '17


October 8, 2017


The Watering Bowl in Denver, Colorado, United States of America, North America


  1. XJ Styles beat OKAY via submission
  2. Enzo Martinez beat Rusty Rhodes via pinfall (0:05:30)
  3. "Sgt Slaughter" & Cpl Punishment beat "The Young Bucks" (0:06:45)
  4. Black Machismo beat White Machismo via pinfall
  5. Filter beat Primos Tag Team Champion Mondo Romero via pinfall (0:09:07)
  6. Big Boss Man Jr. beat Black Machismo, "Sgt Slaughter", OKAY, Officer Pain, "Matt Jackson", "Nick Jackson", Rusty Rhodes, XJ Styles, Jimbo, White Machismo, Enzo Martinez, Primos Tag Team Champion Mondo, and Filter in a Battle Royal