Event Title

Killing the Business


August 13, 2017


The Oriental Theater in Denver, Colorado, United States of America, North America


Bobby Valentino

Ring Announcer

Bobby Valentino


Nathan Lund
Sam Tallent
  1. Caleb Crush beat Xander Kreed via pinfall
  2. Kikutaro & Cormac Battle beat The Cult Awakens (#IAMTHEPROVIDER & #IAMTHEPROPHET)
  3. Mike Sydal beat Royce Isaacs via pinfall
    Stipulations: The winner of this match will be named the No. 1 Contender to the LLL Heavyweight Championship
  4. LLL Tag Team Champions The Left Coast Guerrillas (Anaya & Hoodlum) beat Danger Dean & Cody Devine
  5. LLL Heavyweight Champion Lonnie Valdez beat LLL Light Heavyweight Champion The Miracle That Is Tony via disqualification
    Notes: Only the LLL Heavyweight Championship was on the line