Event Title

WrestleMania 23 Taping


April 1, 2007


Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan, United States of America, North America drawing 80,103
  1. Ric Flair & Carlito Caribbean Cool beat WWE Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero & Gregory Helms via pinfall in a Lumberjack Match when Carlito pinned Guerrero
  2. Mr. Kennedy beat Booker T (w/ Sharmell), CM Punk, Edge, Randy Orton, Finlay, Matt Hardy, and Jeff Hardy in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match (0:19:10)
    Stipulations: The winner of this match will earn a contract for a world championship match at any time of their choosing good for 1-year
  3. The Great Khali beat Kane via pinfall (0:05:32)
  4. WWE United States Champion Chris Benoit beat Montel Vontavious Porter via pinfall (0:09:21)
  5. The Undertaker beat WWE World Heavyweight Champion Batista via pinfall to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (0:15:48)
  6. The ECW Originals (Rob Van Dam, Dabu, The Sandman, & Tommy Dreamer) beat The New Breed (Elijah Burke, Marcus Cor Von, Matt Striker, & Kevin Thorn (w/ Ariel)) via pinfall in a Eight-Man Tag Team Match when Van Dam pinned Striker (0:06:28)
  7. ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley (w/ Donald Trump) beat Umaga (w/ Vince McMahon & Armando Alejandro Estrada) via pinfall in a Non-Title Match (0:13:04)
    Stipulations: If Bobby Lashley wins this match, Vince McMahon will be forced to have his head shaved bald; If Umaga wins this match, Donald Trump will be forced to have his head shaved bald
  8. WWE Women's Champion Melina beat Ashley Massaro via pinfall in a Lumberjill Match (0:03:14)
  9. WWE Champion & WWE World Tag Team Champion John Cena beat WWE World Tag Team Champion Shawn Michaels via submission (0:28:22)