Event Title

Unforgiven '06 Taping


September 17, 2006


Air Canada Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, North America drawing 16,105
  1. Super Crazy beat Shelton Benjamin via pinfall (0:07:00)
  2. WWE Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro (w/ Melina) beat Jeff Hardy via pinfall (0:17:38)
  3. Kane drew Umaga (w/ Armando Alejandro Estrada) via double countout (0:07:03)
  4. WWE World Tag Team Champions The Spirit Squad (Mikey & Kenny) (w/ Johnny, Mitch, & Nicky) beat The Highlanders (Rory & Robbie McAllister) via pinfall when Mikey pinned Rory (0:10:00)
  5. D-Generation X (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) beat ECW World Champion The Big Show & Vince & Shane McMahon via pinfall in a 3-on-2 Handicap Hell in a Cell Match when HHH pinned Vince (0:25:05)
  6. Trish Stratus beat WWE Women's Champion Lita via submission to win the WWE Women's Championship (0:11:35)
  7. Randy Orton beat Carlito Caribbean Cool via pinfall (0:08:42)
  8. John Cena beat WWE Champion Edge in a Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match to win the WWE Championship (0:25:28)
    Stipulations: If John Cena loses this match, he will be forced to sign a 3-year contact to appear exclusively on SmackDown!