Event Title

Survivor Series '04 Taping


November 14, 2004


Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America, North America drawing 7,500
  1. WWE World Tag Team Champions La Resistance (Sylvan Grenier & Rob Conway) beat The Hurricane & Rosey via pinfall in a Non-Title Match when Conway pinned Hurricane (0:04:57)
  2. WWE Cruiserweight Champion Spike Dudley beat Billy Kidman, Rey Mysterio, and Chavo Guerrero via pinfall in a Fatal 4-Way Match when Dudley pinned Guerrero (0:09:03)
  3. WWE Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin beat Christian (Tyson Tomko) via pinfall (0:13:25)
  4. Eddie Guerrero, The Big Show, John Cena, & Rob Van Dam beat Kurt Angle, WWE United States Champion Carlito Caribbean Cool (w/ Jesus), Mark Jindrak, & Luther Reigns in a Elimination Match (0:12:26)
    Notes: Guerrero, Show, & Cena were the survivors
    • Carlito Caribbean Cool was eliminated via forfeit
    • Kurt Angle beat Rob Van Dam via pinfall (0:08:45)
    • Eddie Guerrero beat Mark Jindrak via pinfall (0:09:10)
    • The Big Show beat Luther Reigns via pinfall (0:10:20)
    • The Big Show beat Kurt Angle via pinfall (0:12:26)
  5. The Undertaker beat Heidenreich (w/ Paul Heyman) via pinfall (0:15:58)
  6. WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus beat Lita via disqualification (0:01:22)
  7. WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield (w/ Orlando Jordan) beat Booker T via pinfall (0:14:45)
  8. Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, & Maven beat WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H, Batista, Gene Snitsky, & Edge in a Elimination Match (0:24:33)
    Stipulations: Each member of the winning team will earn control of Raw for 1 week
    Notes: Orton was the sole survivor
    • Edge beat Chris Benoit via pinfall (0:07:27)
    • Chris Jericho beat Batista via pinfall (0:10:42)
    • Gene Snitsky was eliminated via disqualification (0:16:02)
    • Triple H beat Maven via pinfall (0:16:50)
    • Edge beat Chris Jericho via pinfall (0:18:07)
    • Randy Orton beat Edge via pinfall (0:23:01)
    • Randy Orton beat Triple H via pinfall (0:24:33)