Event Title

Insurrextion '01


This Ain't No Tea Party


May 5, 2001


Earls Court Exhibition Center in London, England, United Kingdom, Europe drawing 15,794


Michael Cole
Paul Heyman
  1. Eddie Guerrero beat Grandmaster Sexay via pinfall (0:04:29)
  2. Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, & Terri Runnels beat Hardcore, Crash, & Molly Holly via pinfall in a Six-Man Mixed Tag Team Match when Saturn pinned Crash (0:05:37)
  3. Bradshaw beat The Big Show via pinfall (0:03:21)
    Notes: Bradshaw was a substitute for Test
  4. Edge & Christian beat The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley), The Hardy Boyz (WWF European Champion Matt & Jeff Hardy), and X-Factor (X-Pac & Justin Credible) (w/ Albert) in a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match (0:13:21)
    • The Hardy Boyz beat X-Factor via pinfall when Jeff pinned X-Pac (0:05:42)
    • Edge & Christian beat The Hardy Boyz via pinfall when Christian pinned Jeff (0:06:02)
    • Edge & Christian beat The Dudley Boyz via pinfall when Edge pinned Bubba Ray (0:13:21)
  5. Chris Benoit beat Kurt Angle in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match (0:14:23)
    Notes: Chris Benoit won 2 falls to 0
    • Chris Benoit beat Kurt Angle via pinfall (0:07:42)
    • Chris Benoit beat Kurt Angle via pinfall (0:14:23)
  6. Chris Jericho beat William Regal via submission in a Queen's Cup Match (0:14:45)
  7. The Undertaker beat WWF Tag Team Champions WWF Champion Steve Austin & WWF Intercontinental Champion Triple H via pinfall in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match (0:17:09)
    Stipulations: If Undertaker pins Austin, he will win the WWF Championship