Event Title

Survivor Series '99


November 14, 1999


Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan, United States of America, North America drawing 19,735


Jerry Lawler
Jim Ross
  1. The Godfather, D'Lo Brown, Mosh, and Thrasher beat Faarooq, Bradshaw, Bubba Ray Dudley, and D-Von Dudley in a Elimination Match (0:09:36)
    Notes: Godfather & Brown were the survivors
    • Bradshaw beat Thrasher via pinfall (0:03:11)
    • Bubba Ray Dudley beat Mosh via pinfall (0:04:58)
    • Bradshaw was eliminated via disqualification (0:05:50)
    • Faarooq was eliminated via countout (0:06:48)
    • D-Von Dudley was eliminated via countout (0:06:48)
    • D'Lo Brown betat Bubba Ray Dudley via pinfall (0:09:36)
  2. Kurt Angle beat Shawn Stasiak via pinfall (0:05:56)
  3. Val Venis, Mark Henry, Gangrel, & Steve Blackman beat WWF European Champion The British Bulldog, Rodney, Pete Gas, and Joey Abs in a Elimination Match (0:09:10)
    Notes: Venis & Henry were the survivors
    • Steve Blackman beat Gas via pinfall (0:02:58)
    • Gangrel beat Rodney via pinfall (0:04:26)
    • Mark Henry beat Joey Abs via pinfall (0:06:03)
    • The British Bulldog beat Gangrel via pinfall (0:06:47)
    • The British Bulldog beat Steve Blackman via pinfall (0:07:32)
  4. The Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Tori, & Debra beat WWF Women's Champion Ivory, Jacqueline, Luna Vachon, & Terri Runnels via pinfall in a Eight-Woman Tag Team Match when Moolah pinned Ivory (0:01:52)
  5. Kane beat X-Pac via disqualification (0:04:15)
  6. The Big Show beat WWF Hardcore Champion The Big Bossman, Prince Albert, Mideon, and Viscera in a 4-on-1 Handicap Elimination Match (0:01:24)
    Notes: The Big Show was the sole survivor
    • The Big Show beat Mideon via pinfall (0:00:19)
    • The Big Show beat Prince Albert via pinfall (0:00:30)
    • The Big Show beat Viscera via pinfall (0:00:55)
    • The Big Bossman was eliminated via countout
  7. WWF Intercontinental Champion Chyna (w/ Miss Kitty) beat Chris Jericho via pinfall (0:13:45)
  8. Grand Master Sexay, Scotty 2 Hotty, Hardcore Holly, and Crash Holly beat Edge, Christian, Matt Hardy, and Jeff Hardy in a Elimination Match (0:14:27)
    Notes: Hardcore was the sole survivor
    • Hardcore Holly beat Edge via pinfall (0:06:07)
    • Scotty 2 Hotty beat Matt Hardy via pinfall (0:06:22)
    • Jeff Hardy beat Scotty 2 Hotty via pinfall (0:10:13)
    • Grandmaster Sexay beat Jeff Hardy via pinfall (0:11:34)
    • Christian beat Grandmaster Sexay via pinfall (0:11:46)
    • Christian beat Crash Holly via pinfall (0:13:58)
    • Hardcore Holly beat Christian via pinfall (0:14:27)
  9. WWF World Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws (Jesse James & Billy Gunn) beat Mankind & Al Snow via pinfall when Gunn pinned Mankind (0:13:59)
  10. The Big Show beat WWF Champion Triple H and The Rock via pinfall in a Triple Threat Match when Show pinned HHH to win the WWF Championship (0:16:15)
    Notes: The Big Show was a substitute for Steve Austin