Event Title

WrestleMania XV Taping


March 28, 1999


First Union Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America, North America drawing 20,276
  1. Jacqueline beat Ivory via pinfall (0:01:24)
  2. Test and D'Lo Brown beat Darren Drozdov, The Godfather, Faarooq, Bradshaw, Steve Blackman, Brian Christopher, Hawk, Animal, 8-Ball, Skull, WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Gillberg, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Mideon, Viscera, Tiger Ali Singh, Rocco Rock, and Johnny Grunge in a Battle Royal (0:04:16)
    Stipulations: The winners of this match will team together to face the WWF World Tag Team Champions at WrestleMania XV
  3. Hardcore Holly beat WWF Hardcore Champion Billy Gunn and Al Snow via pinfall in a Triple Threat Match when Holly pinned Snow to win the WWF Hardcore Championship (0:07:07)
  4. WWF World Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett (w/ Debra) beat D'Lo Brown (w/ Ivory) & Test via pinfall when Jarrett pinned Brown (0:03:08)
  5. Butterbean beat Bart Gunn via knockout in a Brawl For All (0:00:47)
  6. Mankind beat The Big Show via disqualification (0:06:51)
    Stipulations: The winner of this match will be the referee for the WWF Championship match at WrestleMania XV
  7. WWF Intercontinental Champion Jesse James beat Goldust (w/ The Blue Meanie & Ryan Shamrock), Val Venis, and Ken Shamrock in a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match (0:09:48)
  8. Kane (w/ Chyna) beat Triple H via disqualification (0:11:33)
  9. WWF Women's Champion Sable beat Tori via pinfall (0:05:04)
  10. WWF European Champion Shane McMahon (w/ Test) beat X-Pac via pinfall (0:08:43)
  11. The Undertaker beat The Big Bossman via pinfall in a Hell in a Cell Match (0:09:49)
  12. Steve Austin beat WWF Champion The Rock via pinfall in a No Disqualification Match to win the WWF Championship (0:16:52)