Event Title

In Your House 27


St. Valentine's Day Massacre


February 14, 1999


The Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America, North America drawing 19,028


Jerry Lawler
Michael Cole
  1. Goldust beat Bluedust via pinfall (0:03:07)
    Notes: Bluedust is The Blue Meanie
  2. Bob Holly beat Al Snow via pinfall to win the WWF Hardcore Championship (0:10:02)
    Stipulations: The winner of this match will be awarded the vacant WWF Hardcore Championship
  3. The Big Bossman beat Mideon via pinfall (0:06:20)
  4. WWF World Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett (w/ Debra) beat D'Lo Brown & Mark Henry (w/ Ivory) via submission when Jarrett forced Henry to su (0:09:34)
  5. Val Venis (w/ Ryan Shamrock) beat WWF Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock via pinfall to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship (0:15:52)
  6. Kane & Chyna (w/ Shane McMahon) beat Triple H & WWF European Champion X-Pac via pinfall when Chyna pinned Triple H (0:14:45)
  7. WWF Champion Mankind drew The Rock via double countout in a Last Man Standing Match (0:21:54)
  8. Steve Austin beat Vince McMahon via escape from the cage in a Steel Cage Match (0:07:52)
    Stipulations: If Austin wins this match, he will face the WWF Champion at WrestleMania XV