Event Title

In Your House 22


Over the Edge


May 31, 1998


Wisconsin Center Arena in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of America, North America


Jerry Lawler
Jim Ross
  1. LOD 2000 (Hawk & Animal) (w/ Sunny & Darren Drozdov) beat The Disciples of Apocalypse (Skull & 8-Ball) (w/ Chainz) via pinfall when Animal scored the pinfall (0:09:58)
  2. Jeff Jarrett (w/ Tennessee Lee) beat Steve Blackman via pinfall (0:10:20)
  3. Marc Mero pinned Sable via pinfall (0:00:31)
    Stipulations: If Sable wins this match, she is released from her managerial contract to Mero. If Mero wins, Sable is forced to leave the WWF
  4. Kaientai (Mens Teioh, Sho Funaki, & Dick Togo) (w/ Yamaguchi-san) beat WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku & Bradshaw via pinfall in a 3-on-2 Handicap Match when Togo pinned Michinoku (0:09:54)
  5. WWF Intercontinental Champion The Rock beat Faarooq via pinfall (0:05:09)
  6. Kane (w/ Paul Bearer) beat Vader via pinfall in a Mask vs. Mask Match (0:07:20)
  7. Owen Hart, D'Lo Brown, & Kama Mustafa (w/ Mark Henry) beat Triple H & WWF World Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws (Jesse James & Billy Gunn) via pinfall in a Six-Man Tag Team Match when Hart pinned Triple H (0:18:34)
  8. WWF World Heavyweight Champion Steve Austin beat Dude Love via pinfall in a Falls Count Anywhere Match (0:22:27)