Event Title

WrestleMania XIV


d-X Raided


March 29, 1998


Fleet Center in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America, North America


Jerry Lawler
Jim Ross
  1. LOD 2000 (Hawk & Animal) (w/ Sunny) beat The Quebecers, The Headbangers, Faarooq & Kama Mustafa, Mark Henry & D'Lo Brown, The Godwinns, Skull & 8-Ball, Sniper & Recon, Savio Vega & Miguel Perez, Jose Estrada & Jesus Castillo, Steve Blackman & Flash Funk, Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor, Chainz & Bradshaw, the New Midnight Express, and The Rock 'n' Roll Express in a Battle Royal (0:08:14)
    Stipulations: The winners of this match will face the WWF World Tag Team Champions at In Your House 21: Unforgiven
  2. WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku beat Aguila via pinfall (0:05:55)
  3. WWF European Champion Triple H (w/ Chyna) beat Owen Hart via pinfall (0:11:27)
    Stipulations: Chyna was forced to be hancuffed to WWF Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter
  4. Marc Mero & Sable beat The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust & Luna Vachon via pinfall in a Mixed Tag Team Match when Sable pinned Vachon (0:09:11)
  5. WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion The Rock (w/ D'Lo Brown, Kama Mustafa, & Mark Henry) beat Ken Shamrock via disqualification (0:04:49)
  6. Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie beat WWF World Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws (Jesse James & Billy Gunn) in a Dumpster Match to win the WWF World Tag Team Championship (0:10:01)
  7. The Undertaker beat Kane (w/ Paul Bearer) via pinfall (0:17:05)
  8. Steve Austin beat WWF World Heavywght Champion Shawn Michaels (w/ Triple H & Chyna) via pinfall to win the WWF World Heavyweight Championship (0:20:02)

Battle Royal

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