Event Title

Survivor Series '96 Taping


November 17, 1996


Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York, United States of America, North America drawing 18,647
  1. Bart Gunn, Jesse James, Aldo Montoya, and Bob Holly beat Billy Gunn, Justin Hawk Bradshaw (w/ Uncle Zebakiah), The Sultan (w/ The Iron Sheik), and Salvatore Sincere in a Elimination Match (0:10:46)
    Notes: Bart Gunn was the sole survivor
    • The Sultan beat Aldo Montoya via submission (0:03:55)
    • Bart Gunn beat Salvatore Sincere via pinfall (0:06:55)
    • Justin Hawk Bradshaw beat Bob Holly via pinfall (0:08:35)
    • Jesse James beat Justin Hawk Bradshaw via pinfall (0:08:46)
    • Jesse James beat The Sultan via pinfall (0:09:44)
    • Billy Gunn beat Jesse James via pinfall (0:09:59)
    • Bart Gunn beat Billy Gunn via pinfall (0:10:46)
  2. Doug Furnas, Phil LaFon, Henry O. Godwinn, and Phineas I. Godwinn beat WWF World Tag Team Champion Owen Hart, WWF World Tag Team Champion The British Bulldog (w/ Clarence Mason), Marty Jannetty, and Leif Cassidy in a Elimination Match (0:20:41)
    Notes: Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon were the survivors
    • Henry O. Godwinn beat Marty Jannetty via pinfall (0:08:12)
    • Owen Hart beat Henry O. Godwinn via pinfall (0:08:18)
    • The British Bulldog beat Phineas I. Godwinn via pinfall (0:09:04)
    • Phil LaFon beat Leif Cassidy via pinfall (0:13:43)
    • Phil Lafon beat The British Bulldog via pinfall (0:17:22)
    • Doug Furnas beat Owen Hart via pinfall (0:20:41)
  3. The Undertaker beat Mankind (w/ Paul Bearer) via pinfall (0:14:54)
    Notes: Paul Bearer was forced to spend the match suspended above the ring in a cage
  4. Marc Mero (w/ Sable), Barry Windham, Jake Roberts, and Rocky Maivia beat WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Goldust (w/ Marlena), Crush, and Jerry Lawler in a Elimination Match (0:23:44)
    Notes: Rocky Maivia was the sole survivor
    • Jake Roberts beat Jerry Lawler via pinfall (0:10:01)
    • Goldust beat Barry Windham via pinfall (0:12:44)
    • Marc Mero beat Hunter Hearst Helmsley via pinfall (0:19:20)
    • Crush beat Marc Mero via pinfall (0:20:36)
    • Crush beat Jake Roberts via pinfall (0:20:54)
    • Rocky Maivia beat Crush via pinfall (0:23:12)
    • Rocky Maivia beat Goldust via pinfall (0:23:44)
  5. Bret Hart beat Steve Austin via pinfall (0:28:34)
  6. Savio Vega, Yokozuna, Flash Funk, and Jimmy Snuka drew Faarooq (w/ Clarence Mason), Vader (w/ Jim Cornette), Diesel, and Razor Ramon in a Elimination Match (0:09:48)
    Notes: The were no survivors
    • Diesel beat Savio Vega via pinfall (0:08:39)
    • Jimmy Snuka beat Razor Ramon via pinfall (0:09:28)
    • Flash Funk was eliminated via disqualification (0:09:48)
    • Jimmy Snuka was eliminated via disqualification (0:09:48)
    • Yokozuna was eliminated via disqualification (0:09:48)
    • Faarooq was eliminated via disqualification (0:09:48)
    • Vader was eliminated via disqualification (0:09:48)
    • Diesel was eliminated via disqualification (0:09:48)
  7. Sycho Sid beat WWF World Heavyweight Champion Shawn Michaels via pinfall to win the WWF World Heavyweight Championship (0:20:02)